Simple Steps You Can Take that May Save on Vet Care and Improve Your Pets Health

We all know that a lot of pets just don’t like to cooperate with us when we are trying to take a picture. They shy away or turn their backsides which isn’t always the most flattering photo. But maybe there is another reason.  Could your pet be embarrassed that he doesn’t have nice clean pretty teeth? Okay obviously I am using humor here to make a point about the importance of dental care for our pets. Our furry friends are susceptible to gum disease. And gum disease comes with a host of issues which could lead to lower quality of life and maybe even shorten the life of your furry friend. There are a few simple, quick steps you can take today to keep pet’s teeth healthy, leading to less trips to the vet and less money spent. Here are a few steps to help your pets win the fight against plague and gum disease. The earlier you establish these habits with your pet the better; however they are beneficial habits to start no matter what age.Dog with Toothpaste canstockphoto12290167

1 – Brush your pets’ teeth on a regular basis (at least 3x a week or daily is even better) to get rid of plague.  And don’t forget to make teeth brushing time fun and rewarding by giving treats afterwards (preferably healthy treats like carrots or green beans but it should be a high value treat that your pet loves). I have three dogs and it only takes about 5 minutes out of my day to brush their teeth.

Here is a video from American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) on procedure to brush pet’s teeth.

2 – Let your pets have fun chewing on toys that will stimulate their gums and help keep gingivitis down. Remember to always supervise your pets when they have chew toys.

3 – Take your pet to the vet for an annual dental checkup as recommended by the AMVA (for more information on dental care, see the article from AVMA):

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