Client Testimonials

Holly & Chris G.

We were extremely satisfied with the services we received. We felt absolutely comfortable having Vicky taking care of our girls while we were out of town. I didn't have to worry about our cats having clean water daily, clean litter boxes, and knew they were in good hands. I prefer smaller companies and when I read the reviews on Vicky, I knew she would be great. Once we met her, I instantly felt comfortable with her and I knew we were a good match!

Pam E.

Vicky made going on vacation and leaving our pets at home an easy decision. She clearly loves animals and our pets were very comfortable with Vicky.

Melenie D.

So appreciated the daily updates and pictures and that Vicky proactively worked to build a bond with our big, shy, boy. Our boys were not only fed and litter box kept clean, but she took time to pet them, play with them and brush them. Grateful that she filled our birdfeeders and watered the porch plants. She will definitely be called upon to care for our boys again!

Denise H.

Vicky is awesome! It was great knowing that our dog was comfortable in her own home and that our mail was not piling up in the mail box. Rolling out the trash can was a total bonus! 

Suzanne & David P.

Vicky provides all services required. She is exceptionally careful and thoughtful. We would recommend her to anyone.

Shelly & Randy G.

Vicky was wonderful taking care of our Noah. Loved her pictures she shared of Noah. It gave me peace of mind knowing that he was happy and well cared for.

Sarah & Marques M.

Vicky has been wonderful and very helpful. I appreciate the feedback and prompt responses to my questions. I am glad I chose her services for our dogs! 

Carolyn W.

I did not want to stress my new puppy out by being alone for a long period of time while I took in a Panther game. Vicky came to my house twice. She played with the puppy, took her ro potty, fed her, walked her and assured her she wasn't alone. Vicky sent me a picture and text letting me know Bailey was doing well. Knowing that the puppy was being well cared for enabled me to enjoy the game worry free.

Cheryl & Kenny L.

Vicky treats the dogs as if they were her own. They love her! The personal service and care is the best and we also love the document of the visit.

Kristy W.

My 3 rescues are nervous when we are not home, being used to having someone home most of the time (luxury of working from home). Vicky respected their stress and worked over several days to win them over. She did a great job caring for my fur babies. The text updates helped me to relax, knowing all was okay at home.

Mary N.

I appreciate the love and care provided to my pets while I am away. The detailed information about my pets' activities helps keep me informed.

Paige L.

Vicky was great with our aging Rottie.  Rizo was happy and ate well which is not usually the case.  Vicky was very aware of how Rizo was feeling and adjusted her activity level as needed.

Vicky went above and beyond my expectations by picking up poop in the backyard, brushing Rizo and sweeping the floors from all the shedding our girl does.  We highly recommend this service and will be using it again!

Kristen N.

I love having someone check in with my dogs during the work. I really like getting messages that they are doing well! It puts my mind at ease. 

Fran & Bob F.

Vicky is very thorough and professional in her business. She provides easy access to her services via web pages and text and let's us know when the service is finished so we don't have to worry whether the visit was completed.

Jana P.

Vicky is fantastic!! She is detail oriented and professional. I knew my dogs were in good hands when I could not be home to let them out or feed them. I highly recommend Happy Paws & Pet Pals.

Earl & Lisa E.

From the day Vicky came to meet our Labs, they have adored her. She treats our dogs like her own. We truly appreciate that we responded to Happy Paws advertisement.
We started with a week vacation away from home and Vicky made multiple daily visits and sent pictures of our Labs to show us there condition, which was happiness. When returning home from vacation we found out Labs in the best condition ever with us being away and someone tending them.

JR & Heather F.

Thank you for what you do and thank you for taking such good care of Tawney. We would not even be able to take vacation if we did not have you to rely on.

Amber Z.

Vicky fed and played with our cat and cleaned the litter box, also took in our mail. It was wonderful to go on vacation and know our pet was well taken care of.

Jane C.

Vicky fed and walked my dog. Also fed my outdoor cat. She texted and sent pictures daily as to how they were doing. I was so comfortable knowing my pets were in such good hands! They were so relaxed and happy when I got home.

Pat & Terry P.

Thank you for doing such a great job taking care of the kitties.  It’s so nice knowing that someone who lives so close to us is able to watch them when we are out of town.  We appreciated your attention to detail and all the updates, especially since this was your first time caring for them. We felt confident that they were in good hands.  We will definitely use you in the future.

Gene C.

Vicky with Happy Paws and Pet Pals LLC was a life-saver in regard to my being able to get out of town for a week-long vacation without having to worry about my pets.  She lovingly took care of my cat and my golden retriever in a thorough, reliable, professional, and courteous manner, even going out of her way to provide extra care and attention for them while I was gone.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Diana D.

My dogs love having Vicky come hang with them when I'm away.  She's very kind and considerate and keep me updated on everything!