Let Fido Romp all Day but in a Safe Way!

dogs at playIt’s that time of year. The weather in many parts of the country is perfect, not too hot or too cold, making for a great time for a romp in the park for your four legged friend.  A dog park can be a great place to give your socialized pup exercise together with a change of scenery and exposure to what we can only hope are other well socialized dogs. Of course we know that not all dogs are well behaved, even those at the dog park. With that being said, your pup’s safety should always be paramount when going to a dog park. Before venturing out here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check out the dog parks in your area to see which is best suited for you and your dog. It is always safest to bring small dogs to the small dogs’ only section of the dog park. In the local Union County area, you can go to Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel, North Carolina and Crooked Creek Park in Indian Trail, North Carolina.
  • Remember your dog will most likely be running around and get heated easily so plan your adventure for the cooler part of the day. For those of you with flat faced (brachyechaplic) dogs like pugs and pomeranians, you may want to keep them home because they are not well equipped to handle heat.
  • Make sure you have fresh water for you and your pup and you may want to bring a towel and sanitizing wipes for any messes. And don’t forget poop bags. All that exercise makes Fido have to go!
  • Your dog should obey your come command for those times when it may be necessary for safety reasons to call your dog to you.
  • Finally it’s a good idea to exercise your dog before taking him to the dog park. I know this sounds counterintuitive; however, exercised dogs are well behaved, and you definitely want to make sure your dog is on his best behavior before joining the others in the park.

Once at the park remember to always remove your dog’s leash when you get inside. Usually other dogs will rush up to see who the newbie is and you don’t want your dog to feel restricted by a leash which may trigger a fight.  Keep an eye on your dog and know where he is at all times. Key here is that this outing is for your dog’s socialization not yours and you want to be able to call your dog back to you if you notice any play that looks like it may escalate and become too rough or aggressive.

In summary, while dog parks can be an awesome place for Fido to take in the great outdoors and be free to romp and roam, you as his protector must always remember that all play must be done in a safe way!

Here are a couple of good articles on tips to remember when visiting a dog park:



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