Who will take care of Fido & Fluffy when you are away for a week or a day? Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter.

Dog and Cat cartoon canstockphoto10014169Many of us think of our pets as members of our family and, as such, we care for them and want what is best for them.  But who takes care of them when you can’t be there? Though you may want to take your pet on vacation, during business travel or when you are working long hours at the office, it is not always possible or practical.  In these instances, a professional pet sitter/dog walker may be just what you need. There are many advantages to you and your pets when you hire a professional pet sitting company:

  • Taking care of other’s pets is what they do and it is their top priority.
  • They carry liability and care, custody and control insurance – If an accident occurs resulting in damage or harm to your property or pets while under the care of the professional pet sitter, you do not have to pay for expenses incurred or file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.
  • They can provide client references – This gives you an opportunity to confirm with others that have used the pet sitting company that the person in your home is caring, trustworthy and reliable.
  • They use a pet sitting service agreement or contract – All of the details of the arrangement are in writing so there are no questions if an issue arises.
  • They operates 7 days a week and on holidays – This gives you the flexibility and opportunity to make quality pet care arrangements when you need to be away.
  • They are a member of a professional or educational association – This provides the pet sitter with on-going education and resources to stay up-to-date, gain knowledge and improve skills on pet how to get free robux related issues.
  • They are pet first aid/cpr trained – In the event of an illness or accident, your pet sitter will be able to provide potentially life saving first aid or cpr.
  • Since the clash royale free gems professional pet sitter travels to your home, there is no need for you or your pet to experience any travel trauma.
  • Your pets get to stay in their own familiar environment where they will be happier and experience less stress.
  • Your pets will be able to keep their same diet and exercise routines.
  • Your pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.
  • simsfreeplayhackz helvetica, arial, sans-serif;”>You don’t have to rely on friends/family/neighbors.

So as you can see there are many great reasons to hire a professional pet sitter the next time you need to be away from home.

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Your pets, happy at home!

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